2020 New Trends in Digital Marketing

2020 New Trends in Digital Marketing

Four important Digital marketing trends in 2020. Monetized Discover feed. Discovery campaigns (in close beta) were among the large announcements at Google Marketing Live 2019.

The new marketing campaign type monetizes the Google Discovery feed for the first time with native in-stream advertisements that healthy the mould of Facebook single photo and carousel ads — meaning advertisers can pretty without difficulty repurpose present creative.

Like Google’s different automated campaign types, Discovery campaigns run across a couple of Google properties, in this case, Discover feed, Gmail and the YouTube domestic feed.

New travel comparison ads.

In November, Google search results for airport car rentals found a new supported comparison app. How popular this study is is not obvious, but in the search results Google runs identical supported ad formats for Flights and Hotels.

 New responsive search ads

In September, Microsoft Advertising globally opened its RSA beta. As we then wrote, marketers should expect RSAs to become the standard text ad format eventually. RSAs are the way that text advertising and ad testing will continue to go — with the ad systems at the time of auction dynamically assessing creatives and modifying based on historical results. And not only in search, Facebook rolled out its sensitive ad edition at the end of October, called Multiple Text Optimization.

New Audience

Audience is always the main factor in paid marketing. Previously Affinity audience available only to Display campaign and YouTube now google search allows affinity audience to Search campaign, Google has introduced in-market holiday event viewers such as Black Friday and promotions at the time of Christmas for Search and YouTube.

Combined Search audiences introduced in November. Google Search marketers by using “and” logic to create layered audiences to incorporate elements that target demographic, in-market, affinity, or other audiences. This feature allows users to track and check messages in Search.

Custom audiences were allowed by Microsoft to re-target customers in most markets. For example, unlike Google and Facebook, which allow advertisers to upload their email lists directly to the site, Bing Ads has preferred to work with third-party data management systems Adobe Audience Manager, LiveRamp and Oracle BlueKai.

New Bidding

In August, smart bidding strategy max conversion value arrived at Google with the goal of automatically optimizing within your budget for the maximum conversion value. Globally, Microsoft has set out optimizing clicks.

Google has introduced seasonality changes for search and display (and ultimately shopping) promotions, allowing marketers to keep Google’s smart bidding algorithms aware of expectations

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