VR & AR in Recruitment process combating Covid-19 – Is Future upon us!

VR & AR in Recruitment process combating Covid-19 – Is Future upon us!

With persisting Covid crisis globally, companies have moved to remote working and top firms like Siemens have already moved to Mobile working for its employees. So how does it look like in terms of Recruitment when we work from home? Will we miss on attracting Potential Future talent? Are we on the cusp of a “New Normal” in Recruitment process? What is future for AR in recruitment?

AR and VR in recruitment

Recruitment is challenging and with Pandemic around the globe it seems more than difficult for recruiters, due to uncertainty and fear.

With many companies now adapting technology for recruitment we have already made a first step. But, is that it?

If we talk about Talents Gen Z – the true Digital-ties then recruiters have to shift out of traditional ways and adapt new technologies ensuring to share our company’s culture as they are looking for an experience.

Until now we were discussing if VR & AR have future in recruitment.

However, we believe time is here which can help companies bring the experience and the human touch in recruitment process remotely with the use of Virtual Reality(VR) & Augmented Reality(AR)!

Hiring process by using unique weapon named VR & AR amidst crisis and after to Attract Talent:

Virtual Interview

  • Having virtual interview with VR will have the candidate experience like in person interview, less time consuming and with social distancing.

Office tour

  • Candidate spend time or know about company when they visit office place for interview, however due to remote working, Office tour could be possible to see the workplace.

Evaluating candidates

  • Many companies are now evaluating candidates based on the task assigned on VR, evaluating their soft skills, which was done earlier in person


  • Providing training is very important part of recruitment process while on-boarding. VR can provide on job training and help them see the role.

Future is almost upon us and the one who survive the Recruitment Technology battle by adapting in time will make one final stand.

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