Content Marketing with Instagram: Excellent Tips to Build Demand

Content Marketing with Instagram: Excellent Tips to Build Demand

How to boost your content marketing with Instagram?

According to Statista, Instagram had more than 120 million active users in the United States in 2018.

Doubtlessly, marketers or business owners who go for this visual social networking platform to meet their diverse marketing needs have high chances of reaching their target audience.

content marketing with instagram

Instagram is ideal for organic marketing because of a few other reasons. For starters, this network has the direct message (DM) tool.

It makes it easier for marketers to contact prospects and build lasting mutually beneficial working relationships.

More favorable features that make Instagram perfect for those who want to generate more traffic and boost sales include:

  • Instagram stories
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Reels

Interested in learning how to use your content to build demand for your services on Instagram? Let’s go through three fantastic strategies you should leverage.

Switch to a Business Profile

There’s no harm in having a personal account on Instagram, but a business one will be more useful to boost content marketing.

With its Instagram Insights feature, you can analyze how your content performs. Some of the things you’ll know include the following:

  • Your followers’ details – location, gender, age, specific country, etc.
  • Email and website clicks
  • Impressions
  • Profile views
  • Reach

If your content is not bringing in the anticipated results, don’t hesitate to make tweaks, even if it means getting the help of a professional content marketer.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

This is another tip that could help you market your content successfully and increase demand.

Remember that prospects get their first impression of your business from how your profile looks like.

optimize your instagram bio

Ensure that your Instagram bio is brief (around 150 characters) but still accurately presents your brand personality.

ther things you can include to optimize your profile are:

  • Username – about 30 characters
  • Logo/an eye-catching profile picture that builds trust
  • A link to your website
  • Your contact details – email address or phone number
  • Call-to-action options

Optimize Your Content

optimize content for instagram

Optimizing your content is incredibly important. It’s the only way to ensure your audience consumes it and benefits from it.

Eventually, it convinces your followers or visitors that your brand is worth their attention and time.

There are various ways to optimize your Instagram content. Start by using brief captions that are easy to read.

Long captions are also ideal, but you must format them correctly to enhance readability.

If you’re posting a video, confirm that its structure and content motivate viewers to keep watching.

Don’t forget that your Instagram content should be a relevant, unique, and direct representation of your brand. Use the tips above to market your content on Instagram and build demand.

Also, do more research to keep up with the latest trends and take advantage of them to grow your brand.


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