5 Tips to Improve Candidate Experience during Covid-19

5 Tips to Improve Candidate Experience during Covid-19

Definitely, 2020 has taken all of us for a toll, with employees moving in to home office, Virtual Interviews, remote on-boarding. This pandemic have rapidly changed the traditional method of working and Hiring. In such an unusual time, it is important that we ensure that we provide a positive experience to our candidates. Candidate experience extends beyond candidate-recruiter relationship as candidate talk, share experience.

As a recruiter, we should always seek for creative ideas to ensure that we make Candidate journey valuable and unforgettable as this what creates ‘Brand’.

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Social distancing have led us to have Virtual interviews so there are no longer office tours, meeting face to face, showing them work stations, cafeteria. We are missing out the personal touch, which was one of the key factor in making candidate journey effective. How do we handle this? How are top organisations handling this? As providing candidates with best experience possible is top priority, as this will build their brand.

While communicating with different experts here are 5 tips which we think could help us make effective Candidate experience during such unusual times:

PS: Think as a Candidate- put yourself in their shoes

Absolute Transparency:

Many have lost their jobs due to Covid with economy going down, businesses slowing down. You have to be careful when reaching out to candidates as there could be potential candidates who are afraid to risk of moving to other companies, as they are not sure what future holds for them. So show them what you are offering, from your business needs to your team.

‘Show them not just speak’

Mobile Experience- (user Interface)

We know that most of the candidates use Mobile as their source to apply for jobs, so we have to ensure that we are mobile friendly while ensure best experience from the very start of Candidate Journey. This could definitely boost up your response rate.

Make the process realistic

When we say realistic, it means that we understand the need and requirement. For a junior or an entry-level role, you do not need to have 5 levels of Interview.

This could be frustrating to candidates, at such an unusual time they are not looking for complicated processes to pass on their path.

If recruiters identify the needs and thus tailor the hiring process, this would add up for an effective Candidate Experience.

Simple & Clear Communication

Let the candidate know how the process will look like and what they can expect. Give them timeline and deliver the communication on time, which is the key- simple & clear.

Provide Feedback

Inform the candidate even if you have good or a bad news, it’s really important to provide a feedback this could help them for your next search, tell them what you appreciated in the candidate( strengths/ skills) this would boost up there confidence. Be Honest!

If you follow these 5 simple steps and really understand how candidate think, you will be successful in creating a wonderful journey for candidate. By creating this you are showing them your company culture and their future at your company.

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