Compensation & Benefits vs Generation Z

Compensation & Benefits vs Generation Z

High Alert! New generations have arrived and they will soon populate planet earth, By 2050 Asia Pacific will be quarterly populated by GenZ’s who have already started influencing the languages we speak with their presence.

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HR and Recruiters need to plan and prepare strategy and understand the change in Demographic which will be here.

Future of work will be hugely impacted by Gen Z’s, so we would need to know what are the factors make them distinct from our previous generations and what does it mean to Employers.

We are curious to know that Gen Z’s who don’t remember war on terrors had to wake up to their teenage/adulthood in Global Pandemic.

Generation are who are born with Hi-Tech and with diverse environment around as an Employer we have to verify if we are ready for them?

With automations many jobs which were done historically has changed. So employers need to think how we are going to retain and attracted Gen Z’s. 

We are here to discuss:

  • What is the demographic reality of the workforce composition?
  • What are the current trends in total rewards?
  • What are the expectations of Gen-z employees in terms of Compensation &benefits?

With a number of different generations in the workforce, it can be challenging to understand and balance their diverse expectations when it comes to Total Rewards.

Join on March 10th for a webcast proposed by Munich HR AfterWork and discover “Compensation & Benefits versus Generation Z

In this workshop, we will examine the current trends in the Rewards space and address the question of what motivates, engages and caters for the interests and needs of the youngest generation of workers – Generation Z – particularly from the compensation and benefits perspective.

Speaker of the day: Ekaterina Potter, Global Head of Compensation & Benefits at Celonis.


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