All lives matter- Inclusivity at workplace

All lives matter- Inclusivity at workplace

2020!!! I am sure, when we will look back in the year, we will have some stories to share with. With what’s going on in the world provoked me to heed a speech from Rev Dr. Martin Luther King back in 1963 ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ in which he called for an end to racism, now we are more than 50 years yet we are still speaking about Black Lives and ending the racism in society #BLM

Even after 50 year, we are still asking for a change. This raised a several question! What are we missing? What should we do differently? How to ensure that this has an impact? How will this moment matter? Many corporate leaders have raised their Voice, which is a positive step. However, is that it! Where do we start to bring Inclusivity at workplace along with diversity?

Diversity is just half a pic in D&I and we often forget ‘I’ in that. Inclusivity plays as much important role as diversity in an Organization. Inclusion takes an effort; we often recruit diverse team in our organization from different ethnicity, race, experience, color to add value. Having Diversity has now become much easier thanks to globalization. However, we are still missing Inclusivity part of it, which is a challenge to guarantee that all employees feel included, heard, valued and they contribute in achieving goals.

Personally, I believe we all take Inclusivity as granted and think that everyone understands. Well it is important that we spread awareness within the organization, making sure our leaders apprehend Inclusivity part. Training & communication channel is one way to have Inclusivity at workplace. Unconscious Bias, which happens at every stage while recruiting, while working in a team, in a meeting, based on gender, race or something else without realizing it, which could overcome by Training. Training makes people aware which helps them to identify the bias and bring in Inclusivity model- by listening.

Having a Channel/Team/Council for Inclusivity is also important as it helps evaluating and providing opportunities to manage diverse team and act as a filter. This Channel could also help in decision-making process for the team. Well we now know that Inclusivity is important more than ever. We must treat one another like a family, which is unbelievably important especially seeing around the world.

‘’I have a Dream Today… I have a dream that one day all Valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low’’- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


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