Evolution of AI & Robots post Covid-19

Evolution of AI & Robots post Covid-19

In the past year we have seen evolution of AI & Robots to think and act like human. I recall as a child where we used to hear fascinated stories about flying cars and robots taking over humans in year 2025 and how the world would look like. Now when we are nearing, every day my fear grows.

Robots in workplace

Whether Robots take our jobs or influence our lives or will they help and care for us? This is the question, which we are asking, however I believe we are closer to the reality and will soon know the answer.

With Covid-19 affecting us drastically, we have started working from home with less human interaction and having contact less services implemented globally. Using technology to connect, contact, offer service have come to rescue for humankind.

We see the future

  • Antimicrobial co-working space for organizations
  • Smaller working space will be opted by many organizations specifically start –ups.
  • Motion & voice sensors across to avoid contact or touch
  • Lifts, Lights, trains will have motion sensors which will help us survive in contact less world.
  • Migrating from urban to rural places
  • As many are working from home for months, it is difficult to work in a studio apartment. Moving out the city with much bigger space and cheaper is affordable and comfortable.

Do we see deserted cities?

No not really, such a drastic change is not possible in such a short span, there is financial pressure and other factors which we have to consider before this happens. However, if Covid 19 vaccine not found or if people are not ready to take newly developed vaccine then over a span of year we will see downfall in economy.

New chapter in Industrial revolution 4.0

Organizations will now have to adapt to smart working space, construction & architecture industry have to implement AI & Robotics for effective work with huge amount of technology.

Robotic and Cognitive systems have accelerated shift in a workplace globally than any previous change. Pandemic have proven to us that technology can help us work & produce more effectively even in a remote space.

Robot featuring as your team member at your workplace

We are living in the world of Emotive robots like Pepper who can be our companion at workspace during staggered working hours.  Pepper can talk, show emotions and react. We cannot undervalue the need of physically meeting a person. But the question arise will we adapt new technology

The real evolution of AI & Robots is when you have a coffee in morning with your Robot colleagues.

We have to be Luke Sky-walker and work together with cognitive AI forces (R2-D2, C-3PO) to restore the human and make better working space. As we decide if we exploit technology for a greater cause- HUMAN!

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