Top 5 free backlink checkers which you can use

Top 5 free backlink checkers which you can use

Website and page authority is one of the most significant search ranking variables, as defined by the number and consistency of the backlinks. In this blog i will provide top 5 free backlink checker.

Learn about what is Backlinks

This is also one of the fields of search engine optimization where you can achieve the most advantage over your competitors

In this article, we will concentrate on some of the best backlink checkers on the market, with one additional condition — they must be available free of charge, either completely or at least partially.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass offers a fully spected interface for evaluating and handling the backlinks.

SpyGlass enables you to sort and filter the discovered backlink data using any of the several dozen backlink parameters unlike other free backlink checker:

Linking and linked pages;

Anchor text and anchor URL;

Dofollow and nofollow attributes;

Domain and page authority of the link source;

Penalty risk, i.e. how spammy the link source is;

And more.


The number of backlinks that you can access for free is restricted to 1,100 per domain, but the number of domains that you can review is infinite, allowing you to study your own websites as well as your competitor websites.

And there’s an option to attach SEO SpyGlass to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics if you want any extra info. When you have signed in, you can pull your backlink details

Connect a couple of the rivals and locate the locations where they overlap with their backlinks. They are the direct leads on these websites.

Although these websites connect to two or more of your rivals, they do not have a particularly exclusive relationship and are likely to choose to connect to your website.

Google Search Console

rch console

Search Console is a tool designed by Google to help webmasters improve their websites. It’s completely free, but can be used only to analyze the websites you own.

After you’ve checked your ownership, you’ll be granted access to a number of site quality dashboards, one of which is the backlink list taken directly from Google’s database. You will only see the First 1,000 re, however long the list

A curious thing about Search Console is that its lists of backlinks are typically much shorter than those of other checkers.

It’s because Search Console excludes backlinks of low quality from the list and only counts those that matter.



Seobility allows up to three searches a day for backlinks, and restricts the amount of backlinks you can see to 400 a check.

The backlink list is sorted from the highest link rating to the lowest, and while you can see only a small number of ties, you can see the best ones.

A number of additional parameters accompany the links, such as anchor messages, dofollow / nofollow attributes, link forms and connected pages.

You also get a short overview of the overall backlink profile at the top of the page: total backlink count, domain ranking and the number of referenced domains.


Ahrefs free backlink checker allows for an infinite number of checks every day but the amount of backlinks that you can see is limited to the top 100. Backlinks come with some additional metrics, such as authority of domain and website, traffic and text and type of anchor.

A fast analysis of the overall backlink profile is also available: domain rank, total number of backlinks and total number of referenced domains.


Some of the applications on this list tend to draw users by allowing them to access partial backlink tables and then request a payment to check out the rest.

SEMrush has gone in a completely different direction. It shares a lot of metrics on the backlink but no lists on the backlink. So you’re free to access the high-level material, but you’d need to purchase a subscription if you want to dig deeper.

That is completely well, because the only thing lacking from most of the other free backlink checkers is high-level analytics. Yet SEMrush has plenty to go around.

They deliver more than a dozen tables and graphs summing up your backlink profile: Backlinks by industry, region, top-level domain, attribute, form, anchor and authority ranking, as well as backlinks from over five years of history.

If you want to get back your lost broken links or do you want to remove your toxic Backlinks i recommend to use SEMrush.



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