Google Introduced WordPress Plugin for More Traffic

Google Introduced WordPress Plugin for More Traffic

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Google Web Stories Plugin reflects a modern way of bringing more traffic. The official WordPress plugin supported by Google makes it easier to participate. Google new wordpress plugin will really improve traffic for the users.

Google revealed a WordPress beta plugin that enables writers to take advantage of fairly new Web Stories from Google. Web Stories is a way for Google Search, Google Images, Discover and Google App to rank at the top.

What are Google Web Stories?

Google web stories wordpress plugin is a new type of Mobile Accelerated Pages (AMPs). This is content meant to be consumed in tiny chunks.

Every Web Story page has a limit of 10 words in it. A Web Story’s recommended size varies between four and 30 pages.

Publishers can use affiliate connections, the Google Ad Manager and Google DV360 (Beta) to monetize Web Content.

Google Web story are intended for consumption by mobile users who wish to consume content at a glance. Google describes the typical consumer content as someone taking a subway or having lunch.

Google web stories wordpress plugin for more traffic is free and open source.

Advantage of Google Web Story:

Publishers follow the style of the web story because it can be displayed attractively for smartphone users. Web Stories is a modern way of having a large amount of traffic.

How it works:

It is recommended that videos not be longer than 15 seconds, and that they have subtitles.

Google defines shooting videos in portrait mode, not in landscape mode. We view full screen on a mobile device that way. All videos must have captions to allow a viewer to view and read the video along with them. The idea is that the user will not be in a position where they can hear a video, e.g. in a public area or somewhere crowded where their attention is split.

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Google recommends that text be a minimum of font size 24 and that each page contains no more than 200 characters.

Long form material can be made available as a connection to the attachment. This is a good feature because if it is interesting enough for them, it allows a publisher to sneak their content to the viewers’ attention via a Web Story and convert them to read the whole article.

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Release Date:

Google has released a plugin for WordPress to help publishers obtain more traffic via the Web Story format. The plugin WordPress and the software Web Story are now in the beta.

A final edition of the WordPress Web Story plugin is expected to be launched later this summer, 2020. The latest version of the plugin lacks support for animation and page attachment. The final version will have all the functionality and will be better than the preview.


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