How to improve content localization

How to improve content localization

Keyword analysis and location of content is critical to the success of foreign websites in the SEO. Learn tried and tested tips to run the campaigns running.

If you don’t know what is SEO Writing, SEO writing is a form of writing that helps websites become more visible to major search engines

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Good Localization Helps SEO

Getting the content translated and clearly localized for the target market certainly helps the target audience find your content in the results of the organic search.

And, when they land on the website, it helps them understand your goods and services, and take the actions that you hope they will take.

SEO copywriting is all about creating useful, compelling, and valuable content that targets specific keywords so that other people will gladly promote it on social media platforms

Poorly translated content is most likely viewed as it was not created for the local audience’s best interest and would struggle to have good visibility in the organic search results.

Using the Right Word

The first step of the localization project will always be to perform some local keyword analysis.

Use the right word during the content localization process will allow you to better communicate with the local audience and will have an effect on business performance in those markets.

The word “right” does not mean it’s the word with the most amount of searches.

That means it’s the term widely used by the target consumer in the local market for the sort of industry the company is in.

How to improve

Build a Translation / Localization process that combines Analysis & SEO keywords

Although SEO shouldn’t be the role of translators or web editors, having some understanding of SEO makes it easier to launch successful performing local pages.

Creating SEO standards that they will follow.

Also track performance on the Website

website tracking

When you have installed the local site, track the results and easily fix issues as you find them.

If the pages are not ranked well, review the optimisation of the content.

Check the translation / message and user interface points if the pages rate well but don’t get too much traffic or conversions.


The more effectively the company can combine localization, SEO, and content production into a structured process the better productivity and greater success can be realized.

This collaborative process will help the entire company to understand customers’ needs and desires – to boost product creativity, customer interaction and conversion.

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