HR User Experience: How to do it right?

HR User Experience: How to do it right?

HR Year 2020 has taught us the importance of technology, networking and accessibility. It’s about prioritization: saying no and taking out what’s non-essential. Creating technology that’s user-friendly and clear is more important than ever.

This Pandemic has changed how we operate, specifically for HR professional believed to be bind with traditional processes. HR professionals spend 60-70% of their time working with data, administering it and ensuring the credibility. So what do you think is important for a person handling such an important task?

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Is it a faster connectivity? Better hardware to work with? Faster process? Easier navigation! What is it? The answer is User Experience. Yes having a good user experience will make life easier.

HR User experience

Just think about the amount of task HR needs to perform from Onboarding to Exit Interview, from Engaging to Training. Work flow could be quite tedious, so how do you make sure that you create a perfect user experience.

UX is the silent ambassador for your brand, product and services you offer. Telling a story and getting it right is the key, Jörg Bolender, Evgenii Pavlov on 16 February, be providing us with an Insight on the concept of User Experience. If you are excited to find out on the UX part of HR, then Join the webinar and find out: How to do it right?  



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