What is Keyword Research in seo?

What is Keyword Research in seo?

Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the important elements for seo ranking along with Link building and content.

The difference between a website which gets loads of organic searches and one which gets zero is based on the keywords you use.

By figuring out what people are looking for you put yourself in a good position to help them and yours achieve their goals.

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What is a keyword

A keyword is a word that somebody types into a search engine in order to find a subject that they like.

So for example: SEO will be considered a single keyword phrase and a search engine like google will offer a large and wide number of results on everything related to SEO that it thought was important to your quest for that term based on common search queries.

It then rates the results in order based on what it thinks you ‘re most interested in and what the best answer to your question will be.

Which is a strong keyword

  1. Are my keywords tailored to what people are searching for?
  2. Can the searchers who use these keywords to locate my site locate the answers to their questions?
  3. Is this traffic going to help me achieve my goals, monetary, email sign-ups or something else?

Advantage of using long tail keywords

Advantage of long tail keyword

A long tail keyword will be something like this:

  • SEO tips for blogs that is a more broad search term that will bring back a smaller amount of searches in the search engines, but the search results it brings back will more definitely be similar to what the search engine really is searching for.
  • This is perfect as it helps you to remove any traffic that was not interested in your subject while reducing your competition as long tail keywords on other websites are used less frequently.
  • The longer and more descriptive the keywords are, the fewer people will look for them, but the more likely you are to rank well because there is not only less competition because most sites are not designed for such long tail keywords, there is a greater chance.

Challenges in Keywords

  1. How many people look for your keywords?
  2. What is your Competition Level?
  3. How many websites search for the same keywords as you?

You can know exactly what people are looking for, have the best answers for them on your blog.

And you know that those keywords are great money-makers, but if nobody can find you because your competition is too high all your SEO efforts may be wasted.

Keyword research tools

It’s here that SEO tools become essential to rank well.

Many (if not all) of the high-ranking search engine pages you see use tools to help them to understand their business.

You need to have the right tools to evaluate your keywords and content and give you the answers you need to know your competition, market and future monetary value of your keywords.

SEMRush Magic Keyword Tool

SEMrush have more options in keyword research, SEMrush gives you many advantages:

  • Ranking
  • Difficulty
  • CPC (for your paid campaign)
  • Volume
  • URL
  • Results
  • Trends

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