LinkedIn best practices

LinkedIn best practices

Linkedin best practices

LinkedIn offers a valuable forum for business leaders, decision-makers and high-income earners to interact. Learn LinkedIn best practices from this article. LinkedIn should certainly be a part of the social media marketing mix in your company.

Discover five ways to do business using LinkedIn.

linkedin best practices

Use LinkedIn as a Networking Tool:

LinkedIn is a powerful resource for networking. You need to do three things to achieve the best practices of LinkedIn’s networking capabilities:

  • Connect with people
  • Build an all-star profile
  • Interact with others
  • Link with people

Connect with your friends and colleagues, right along with other people you don’t know.

There is no cap to who you should be talking to. Follow a blog from someone? Link them on LinkedIn.

Do you have a dream company for which you wish to work? Start engaging with (and interacting) people at that organization.

Build a personal profile and/or business page:

Just linking is not enough.

You should also invest time in constructing your own personal profile and/or business page.

In practical terms this means:

Write a concise, jargon-free introduction that sets you apart, or your business.

Use your personal profile photo with a professional-looking headshot, and a legible logo for your business page.

If you are using a header picture, keep it properly sized and clean the imagery.

  • Fill out all applicable areas.
  • Add media such as blog posts, white papers, videos, info-graphics, etc.
  • Interact with Other Material

Using LinkedIn alone as a publishing platform is not enough communicating with others and creating meaningful relationships is necessary if you want to take full advantage of the networking potential of LinkedIn.

As well as posting your own material, comment thoughtfully on the material of others. When posting your own material, please make sure to answer comments.

Using LinkedIn as Platform for Publishing:

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for content creators.

You can not only post status updates and connect back to content on your blog, you can also use LinkedIn as a forum for native publishing and build exclusive content for your LinkedIn audience. LinkedIn is the only social media network you could use as an article publishing platform.

Use LinkedIn for Online Reputation Management:

The first rule of online reputation management is to have power of all the results that come when someone searches for your business name on Google’s first search results page.

Of course you want to rate content from your web, but it’s also a best practice to assert all the social media you can in the name of your company – even if you don’t intend to be very involved on them.

That is because social media accounts, like a LinkedIn profile, appear almost always for the name of a company (or individual’s) on the first page of the search engine results.

In that end, make sure your organization maintains a business page, if only to assert the precious spot on the SERP.

The better you get on the SERP the more real estate you can collect.

Generate Leads, Drive Conversions:

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, LinkedIn allows you to generate leads and drive conversions.

Consider what’s next:

Users of LinkedIn have purchasing power: 44 per cent earn over $75,000 a year. You will find people who can buy on LinkedIn if you have a product to sell.

You can find new customers through LinkedIn: 40 million LinkedIn users are in decision-making positions and thus have the authority to recruit your agency, license your software or order your product company-wide. You can create strategic partnerships: 61 million LinkedIn members are considered influence’s at the senior level.

Of course you can do that organically, or upgrade to a Sales Navigator plan. You will get with a Sales Navigator plan Insights into the existing leads (including growth in businesses, shifts in jobs and more). Advanced search feature that lets decision-makers zero in.

Get automatic feedback on lead.

Finding Talent:

We will discuss this topic in detail in our upcoming blog with detailed information of how to find a talent using LinkedIn platform


LinkedIn is an incredibly useful resource for your business, whether you are trying to expand your network, manage your online credibility, scale your business, drive valuable social traffic to your site or find and cultivate leads. Following the above linkedin best practices you can see a positive results in your campaign.

Even if you spend more time in other social networks, you can build a LinkedIn page and start exploring these opportunities for your company.

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