LinkedIn New Feature-   Record your name

LinkedIn New Feature- Record your name

 LinkedIn voice featureyou tell your name so we do not get it wrong!

Linkedin voice feature

Yes, you heard it right, Linked In have announced Voice recording feature for your name this month. Name replicates your identity, most people will agree to this. Personally I have my name butchered most of my life. Learning to pronounce someone’s name is manners, well there could be barriers in learning if we do not know the person or if we are meeting first time. Yes, of course many will argue that if we cannot pronounce then we simply ask for it than saying it wrong. I am a strong believer of first impression or Love at first sight; it makes us happy and we feel connected to that person in both personal & Professional goals.

LinkedIn voice feature will help us to get our names rightly pronounced. All you need to do is add a 10-second audio recording on how you pronounce your name. The recordings can only be added via mobile app for android & iOS. However, Users can hear it on desktop as well as mobile.

Steps to record: Open Linked In app on your mobile, go to your profile and click on view profile, then click edit and record your name pronunciation.

Linkedin new name recording

If the voice-recording feature isn’t there yet, don’t worry: the company is rolling out the update across its platform. This feature on a professional network is a real bliss for recruiters to avoid awkwardness of calling out wrong name when reaching out to candidates or contacts. Moreover, this is a first step in creating Inclusivity at work place, which put emphasis on our connectivity to the place, people and the environment.

In such an unusual situation where we are dependent on virtual interviews, I believe this feature could play an important role and personally as a Recruiter. Well if you are wondering what impact does it have and how will it matter, then I have faced this situation n number of times where I am not sure of the pronunciation, similar is the case while using my own name. Many contacts who reach out to me can’t pronounce name correctly, this could affirm that person.

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