Top Five Little Known LinkedIn Secrets

Top Five Little Known LinkedIn Secrets

LinkedIn is undoubtedly seen as the largest professional network on the internet. It includes everyone ranging from the renowned CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to politicians. According to the latest reported statistics, there are over 690 million users on LinkedIn. Given this many people on the platform, it can be hard to achieve your professional goals. It may be somewhat challenging, but it is certainly not impossible.Let me share my Top 5 LinkedIn Secrets in this article

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Optimize Your Profile

Adding professional Photo is the top formula for LinkedIn secrets. Statistics have shown that profiles that have a photo are likely to be messaged 36 times more, and they get 21 times more views than profiles without photos. Also, statistics show that if your profile has a professional head-shot, then your page’s views can increase by another 14 times. So adding a picture could be the trick that boosts your profile on LinkedIn.

The platform has also added background options for photos, so make sure to leverage that to create a unique image. Another way to actually optimize your profile is to make sure that your name, headline, and any other identifiers are easily visible and relevant to your brand.

Showcase Your Work

If you are a freelancer in any profession, then there is no better platform to market yourself than LinkedIn. If you have a website, blog, or social media presence, you can add it to your page. This enables potential clients to assess your work and increases your chances of being hired.

Implement SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not just limited to websites and blogs. You can implement it on your LinkedIn page by adding relevant keywords to various sections on your profile, such as the headline, summary, and key achievements section. That way, people who search for those words will come across your profile.

You can also reorder and edit various sections in your profile such that you present information that seems important first. This can quickly be done in the edit mode.

Connect the People Who Viewed Your Profile

If you want to learn your LinkedIn page’s effectiveness, you need to find out which people viewed your profile. You can learn about them by using the ‘Who Viewed Your Profile Feature.’ By assessing the profiles of the people who viewed your profile, you can see what keywords or information you need to add to get more views. You can also evaluate how you compare against the profile views of other businesses in your industry.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to connect with people in your industry or have similar interests. They give you a platform where you can share content, expand your list of contacts, and even show your expertise, which will boost your brand visibility.

After joining groups, you can view other people’s profiles without having to be connected with them. In case you want to engage any of the members further, LinkedIn gives you 15 free messages to communicate with any group member per month. LinkedIn is a treasure trove of opportunities, and the tips above will help you navigate it. These 5 Little LinkedIn secret will help you to gain more attraction in your market.

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