Recruitment/ Hiring process

Recruitment/ Hiring process

We all have been curious when we think about recruitment/hiring and how it varies from country-culture-creed. Yes, that’s right recruitment could vary even in the globalization era where we would ensure that the culture within the company remains same globally.

What is Recruitment?

Ideally recruitment is finding a talent which matches your requirement to achieve company’s goal and objective. However, there is more to Hiring and selection process and due to changing mix of talent pool some industries are prone to hiring almost anyone that is interested.

“Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and attracting a pool of candidates for job vacancies in the organization”

Recruitment could be classified in various approaches:

  1. Referrals
  2. In house recruitment
  3. Job posting/ advertisements
  4. Job Fairs
  5. Social Media

Thus, there could be various channels to list down when it comes to recruitment and ever organization is looking to source supreme/exclusive talent. It has been difficult to source with

increase in diversity in talent pool. Definitely question would arise how to upskill your recruiting skills.

Recent research has been going on to find out innovations on AI in recruitment where Chatbots, are being used to replace recruiters for screening the candidates and thus attracting the talent. These chatbots are used even for contacting candidates and thus making their experience better. There are also facial expressions and speech which are used to identify the right fit for the organization.

Recruitment Process

There could be different strategies used while hiring and thus every industry will be following steps to have successful onboarding of talent and have an end-end recruitment.

In past decades recruitment has been never so important with growth in communities, network and development in the industry. Organizations are starting to use AI in their enrollment and hiring forms. However, little is thought about how potential hopeful view the utilization of AI as a feature of the enrollment procedure and regardless of whether it impacts their probability to apply for a position.

We thus need to explore one of these techniques, to improve our sourcing.

What do you think about Recruitment Marketing is it important?


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