Recruitment Marketing – Is it important!

Recruitment Marketing – Is it important!

Finding Talent during all the time is difficult and with some unusual situation the level of difficulty Increases. Recruitment is like a Game where you have to overcome hurdles to move on to next level, well this is the case for both Recruiter and Job Seeker. In this blog; we will be discussing about Importance of Recruitment Marketing as a solution to find Talent.

For any Business, the significant growth factor is “People”. Well yes you might have heard this many times Human resource is the backbone of any business. This means that hiring right talent is one of the key factor for overall success. Recruitment uses various channels to search and shortlist. When there is an open position, Job is posted on various Job boards to ensure that the potential candidates reach out. This means that we have to know the job search tool where candidates will be looking for when they are actively searching Online.

Search Engine tools and other platforms have always made easier for applicants to easily search and apply for jobs. Well how do you know that you are reaching out to everyone who will be interested? How do you ensure that you have a pipeline of all the Talented and potential candidates? What happens when you are in such a competitive market and you have to reach out to the Talent before your competitor does. There are many such questions and many will argue on this as well. However; I believe as an Organization it’s our responsibility to advertise the open positions and make it easier for applicants easily find us and why they should join us?

I believe now we all will agree for doing this Marketing is important. So, what is Recruitment Marketing- Converting Candidates to a New Hire on a platform, where you explain what are the open position and why they should join you. In Today’s AI world, there are several platforms which help in Recruitment Marketing. Almost everyone uses search engine like Google to look for job hence SEO (Search Engine optimization) is really important for any Recruitment Marketing strategy. This helps your employment page and career site to show in top searches which helps in reaching out to potential candidate. Well as you might have understood that this is one of the strategy to understand why Recruitment Marketing is so Important.

For a company to achieve long term hiring goal it’s important to implement Recruitment Marketing as a part of their Talent acquisition team training. So, attracting right candidate also help us to achieve our other Goal which is retaining them because we know why they chose us.

Process of Talent Acquisition; We know that process of recruitment is not simple it’s a tedious process we have to find the right Talent and then candidate journey begins.

  • Attract              
  • Hire                               
  • Develop                          
  • Grow                               
  • Retain

Importance of Recruitment Marketing:

  • Reduced time

While having Recruitment Marketing helps in reducing the time frame where a recruiter does headhunting search and contact candidate and sell out the open position

  • Considering for themselves

Candidates will consider the position by knowing what and how about the company, knowing the people and culture.

  • Awareness among Talents

When your company shows in top search it increases the chance of number of people who become aware and the number of applicants.

  • Effective Source

Recruitment Marketing will help us in analyzing the data and prioritizing the job board to use while considering job posting.

  • Increase in Data base

As many talents will apply for the position it helps in building pipeline which also can be used in later stages and can thus reduce cost of hiring.

  • Diversity pool

With increase in applications from across the geography it helps in achieving candidates with diversity and helps in building a Diverse team which is important for organization growth

  • Employer Branding

Definitely it adds up in building a Brand for your company. Recognition across the globe helps in create a Brand.

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Help your Talent acquisition team to attract right talent and achieve company’s objective by having Recruitment Marketing. It’s important that you understand how important it is to be global player when it comes to Hiring process. If you have an opinion feel free to share with us at


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