Remote Hiring- Is it a Revolution?

Remote Hiring- Is it a Revolution?

During these unprecedented times, we all have been creative and supportive in different approaches to ensure work must go on…

Covid-19 Pandemic it hit us in early March 2020 and we had no idea what to do as it was real quick, however great leaders and colleagues at work place had shown that we are ready to face any challenge and be sustainable. This is where Human resource came into action like a ‘Super Hero’ to ensure we all stay together with positivity and have empathy and trust.

Recruitment had its challenges when we started to work remotely, the process was new and we have to move from legacy recruitment techniques to an agile method. Definitely, many questions are yet to be answered.

How do we handle Remote Hiring:

Recruitment / Hiring normally was challenging on an usual days, so when it comes to pandemic it is perplexing. So how do we manage recruitment in an unusual situation?

Well adapting to the need is the key. When whole world moved to home office/working remote, recruiters had to adapt to having a virtual meeting and Interview.

Challenges Recruiters face during Video Interview

We always speak about Interviewee in normal days however today we will look into challenges faced by Interviewer during pandemic.

  • It is definitely a challenge for an Interviewer as they are now in a new environment during the interview and missing in person interactions with the candidate, which makes decision-making bit difficult.
  • Recruiters have to ensure they have no technical difficulties during the interview and they will understand the other person.
  • Working from home also have other difficulties with your kids, roommates, pets passing by interrupting the Formal Interview.
  • Having multiple rounds of Interviews scheduled with other team members.
  • Communicating clearly.
  • Being a good listener, this is very important that communication is 2 ways.
  • Candidate experience is a challenge- Recruiters have to ensure that they display company culture and values virtually.

Well we know that this Pandemic has changed the way we look at life, and one thing we know that we are susceptible to change and adapt. As a Recruiter, we should ensure to bring creativity and be proactive in achieving our objective despite the challenges. I believe we are going to see great skills of managing Candidate experience globally. If your company is adapting new process to great candidate experience, we would be looking forward to hear it from you.


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