Twitter Introduces Voice Tweets

Twitter Introduces Voice Tweets

Tweet your message with your voice!!

Twitter is developing a new app allowing people to record voice samples as tweets to be written.

Voice tweets join the many ways that users can communicate on Twitter – a list that includes photographs , videos, GIFs, and plain text.

Initially, making voice tweets is a feature that is being made available for iOS to a small number of people on Twitter. Everyone on iOS should get access to voice tweets in the coming weeks.

Everyone will be able to see voice tweets in their feed and listen to them regardless of whether they’re on iOS , Android or a desktop.

Here’s how a speech tweet can be written using the iOS Twitter app.

How to compose voice tweet

Composing a tweet voice is similar to composing any other kind of tweet.

First, open the composer’s tweet and look for a new voice icon. It resembles the wavelengths of audio.

Voice tweets are capable of recording audio in 140 seconds. Those who want to go longer should keep talking and they will link the additional audio in multiple tweets string.

Just tap the image with the person’s profile photo to listen to a tweet.

In a new window that stays docked at the bottom of the screen, tweets will play, so users can listen while continuing to scroll through their feed.

At this moment only initial tweets are restricted to voice tweets.

That means that users can not record their voice and post it with comment as a response or a retweet.

Imagine if two people are fighting in twitter by voice tweet!!!

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