How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO

How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO

The voice recognition industry and Voice Search SEO is growing rapidly. Lets learn How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO

Stats indicate that the technology of Google is now 95 percent precise. And, the most amazing thing about it is that it’s open to everyone now.

Voice Search Seo

To perform voice search queries and send voice commands, you just need a smartphone. Most notably, it makes our lives a lot easier.

As such, voice search has become a major SEO trend you cannot afford to disregard if you want to remain competitive.

Optimize your website for voice search is not a easy process but not impossible.

Now, the issue is, what exactly you can do to optimize your voice search ecommerce website.

Get your website optimized for Questions.

Let’s assume that you are selling online food supplies. How are your consumers going to find you using voice search?

“Chances are they will not use conventional keywords such as “best online Food supplies.” Instead, they will probably ask something like “Ok Google, where to find the best Food supply discounts? “or “What’s near me in the Food stores? The search for voices is more natural and generally in the form of a query.

Use the so-called trigger words for voice search and apply them to your content to produce even better results. Some of these words are how, what, when, where, best, is, can, top, make, free, and so forth.

FAQ is important factor to consider for Optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO

This takes us to the next part and that’s the option of the correct keywords.


Target keywords that are normal and conversational.

We have already stated above that voice queries are more organic and normal than conventional searches based on text.

A user needs to save time when performing a text-based search and, thus, shortens their queries to the bare minimum. This is not the case, however, for voice searches.

Now, without even looking at the screen, we can finally undertake searches, and that’s why the phrases and constructions we use are close to how we talk in real life. And analysis by Google says the same.

They state that almost 70 percent of voice search queries are expressed in a natural language, not based on any standard keywords.

This implies that you must target long-tail and highly contextualized keywords for you.

You can also learn how your or similar goods are conveyed and discussed online. Your perfect starting point might be Q&A pages, social networks, and niche-specific forums.

Toggle to HTTPS.

First off, Google has made HTTPS a small ranking factor and has started to mark HTTP sites as “not safe.” So, even though it does not dramatically hurt your online presence, it can also hurt your user experience and brand image.

Some of your potential clients may decide to skip it when they are warned that your site is not safe enough for them.

For voice search, HTTPS may be even more relevant than for desktop and mobile search. According to them, compared to 50 percent of desktop results, 70.4 percent of voice search results contained HTTPS.

Improve Site Speed

The value of quick load times for your SEO efforts is already known to you. A quick site greatly enhances the user experience, increases the time spent on your site by your customers, attracts them, and encourages them to make a purchase.

Most significantly, it is a ranking signal and, with Google’s Speed Update, it has recently become even more relevant.

load time

Learn about How to improve page load time

In voice search optimization, however, website speed also plays an important role. In other words, when a user performs a voice search SEO, Google needs to automatically have a valid response. And, if your page loads slowly, it is ignored by Google.

According to a research 10,000 voice search results and concluded that voice search results load pages in less than 4.6 seconds, unlike the average page loading time of 8.8 seconds.

Check your website Speed here

Here are a few tips that may help you boost your page load speed:

  • Use caching.
  • Reduce the size of your images.
  • Invest in a CDN (content delivery network)
  • Choose a fast web host.
  • Remove broken links and reduce redirects.
  • Minify your code.

Improve mobile experiences.

We live in the first-of-the-mobile age. One out of every 5 voice searchers using mobile devices,

When your site appears in the voice search in front of them, they will decide to pay a visit to your site. And, if they don’t like what they see once they land on it, without looking at the goods, they’ll abandon it.

Make the checkout process easy to inspire consumers to complete the order. For instance, make your CTAs famous and position them at the top of the screen.

Simplify the menu for navigation. Add it to the top of the web so that, regardless of the page they are on, the customers can quickly access it.

In a collage style, show catchy and visually appealing photos of your hottest items to improve their exposure.

High Quality Content

You need to build quality content in order to improve your reputation in the online community, connect with your clients, and get more chances to appear high in the SERPs.

This doesn’t entail, of course, writing 500-word posts spammed with a bunch of keywords that fit exactly.

High quality content is key concept in order to optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO

The material that you write on your blog should give the people who read it meaning. It needs to be educational, engaging, and unique to the industry. And, you need to customize the content for it, as for voice search.

Create longer content which help you to Optimize your Website for Voice Search SEO.

Get the most out of your FAQ page.


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