What is Human Resource?

What is Human Resource?

“Human Resource” the word implies people’s asset to the Organization. Anyone could say that HR is restricted to organizing birthdays, doing admin stuff, Hiring, and are basically just a support function to the organization. However, time have changed so is the role of HR within a system. Now the role of HR personnel is more than recruitment or hiring.

People who help in building the organizations strength are Human Resource. With the personnel term coming in 1960’s has grown tremendously during the year. Earlier there used to be unions/ work council who were taking care of culture, ethical behavior within the organization. Now every organization have a person who takes care of Motivation, ethical behavior, which has been an important part of company’s growth.

Human Resource Management

Managing is an important aspect for an HR Personnel/team. HRM is a wide topic within the organization and can thus be divided into several sub topics:

1. Recruitment & Talent Management

2. Learning & Development

3. Employee Benefits

4. Employee Relation

HR being a very wide topic, there could be people with dual/multiple specialties. Human resource management is not restricted only to administrative function, there has been a major change in the system.


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